The following pictures are vidcaps of my own, from 'Tuff Turf'.
I finally got the new, full set of Tuff Turf DVD vidcaps done. :-D
This page is the original dvd vidcaps from August 2002. For the full set of 875 captures made April 4, 2003, start with the page links here.
New caps - 800x600 resolution images
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These thumbnails are linked to 800x600 resolution images, not the previous 640x480 ones. I even made some of them in 1024x768 size. The links below the thumbnail images go to the higher resolution vidcaps.
gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-001.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-002.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-003.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-004.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-005.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-006.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-007.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-008.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-009.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-010.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-011.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-012.jpg gc-KimRichards(TuffTurf)-013.jpg

These links are for 1024x768 versions of some of the images.

Image #4
Image #5
Image #7
Image #9
Image #10
Image #11

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